Creative Innovations Marketing  (CIM) has creatively enhanced the options available to every business owner with products and services that demonstrate CIMple Solutions to strengthen and expand your business.

While there are many business building options available in the marketplace today, CIM prides itself and has focused its expertise for over 8 years in a limited number of areas. 

Fax advertising continues to be a rapid and reliable way to reach a large audience for innumerable business needs in addition to being one of the most economical methods of marketing. 

Please Note: The advertising of goods, products, or real property by transmitting unsolicited facsimiles may be in violation of state and federal law, and may subject the advertiser to civil penalties.  Click here to review our FAQ section for complete details.

If you have a computer and understand the basics of Windows, Personal Fax Broadcasting may be the solution for you.  Did you know that YOU CAN Broadcast Fax thousands of documents from your own PC for less than 2 per page!  The CIM Personal Fax Broadcasting Visual Training Manual provides you with the knowledge & literally "shows you" what to do every step of the wayClick here to see an actual training video.

ball156.gif (652 bytes)Ok, so you're too busy - No Problem!   We've got it covered.  You can depend on CIM for all of your Full Service Fax Broadcasting needs.  Our server has the capacity to broadcast more than 100,000 faxes per hour and we continue to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

ball156.gif (652 bytes)The perfect database management solution for the fax marketer. Fax List Manager does it all.  Automatically remove duplicates, split lists into smaller more manageable files, Purge Undeliverables as well as Removes.  Click Here for details.


ball156.gif (652 bytes)Are you paying to much for long distance???  If you're not using Flat Rate Long Distance, then chances are, You Are Paying Too Much!  You may not yet realize it, but 10 or even 5 a minute isn't really that at all.  When you add in the taxes and fees that come with those plans, that 5 a minute plan is really more like 7 or 8 a minute, maybe more.  Think about it.... 
then review your phone bill and see for yourself.  

What if you could talk whenever you want, as much as you want and even fax for one LOW monthly fee?  NOW YOU CAN !  Per Minute charges are history.

At CIM, we believe in keeping things as CIMple as possible for our customers. We have a very CIMple system in place that will ensure that you have access to state-of-the-art marketing tools.